Today will be sentenced boxer N. Valuev

In loud to the famous heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuev on Wednesday, January 9, can be set point. According to Radio Mayak, in St. Petersburg, the world court should reach a verdict on the athlete into the beatings of the guard of one of the Sports Center.

If N. Valuev convicted of assault, he faces up to six years in prison. Also requests the victim to pay him 1 million rubles. as a moral compensation.

In turn, the boxer did not plead guilty. At a court session scheduled for January 9, he must make a last word.

8 January 2008 | athlete, beating, city, court, january, point, radio, sentence, wednesday

A reading of selected articles of Part IV of the Civil Code (copyright, etc.) with commentary.
Estonian anti-fascists are waiting for the authorities to publish lists of former members of the Gestapo, Abwehr, the police and the SS

• Today will be a trial of the famous boxer Valuev »»»
Today in St. Petersburg, Magistrates Court of the Kalinin district pass a verdict on the suit against the guard, Yuri Sergeyev famous boxer Nikolai Valuev.
• Heute wird eine Studie der berühmten Boxer Valuev »»»
Heute in St. Petersburg, Magistrates Court des Kalinin Bezirk Pass ein Urteil über die Klage gegen die Wache, Juri Sergejew berühmten Boxer Nikolai Valuev.
• Aujourd'hui sera un procès du boxeur célèbre Valuev »»»
Aujourd’hui à Saint-Pétersbourg, les magistrats de la Cour de district de Kalinine formuler un verdict sur le procès contre le gardien, Youri Sergueïev célèbre boxeur Nikolai Valuev.
• 310 Victims of catastrophe in Irkutsk, won the first lawsuit against the company "Siberia" »»»
On Tuesday a court in Novosibirsk Ob region ordered the airline S7 ( “Sibir”) compensation for moral damages in the amount of 200 thousand rubles dweller Krasnoyarsk Territory Ludmilla Zozulin who lost her sister in a plane crash in Irkutsk, 310.
• Kaliningrad schoolgirl sue 35 thousand rubles for a low-quality piercing tongue »»»
Kaliningrad Regional Court sought compensation for moral harm to the beauty salon “Faberlic, which was made tongue piercing 15-year-old schoolgirl, resulting in her starting point for serious inflammatory process.