Police hunt for otaku

So, in the “yaponete” quite often become the topic to meet, discuss and comment on how the police in Shinjuku stops people who dress in the style of otaku. Japanese police check these people have a briefcase and pockets for the presence of these weapons.

10 January 2008 | comment, discussion, man, otaku, police, style, subject

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Harassment The Pirate Bay will continue

• Antikorruptsioneram-here. »»»
I have observed a very large number of comments is not so much devoted to discussion of news, as two - three (obviously important) issues of concern.
• Correspondent of The Los Angeles Times shares his own experiences with the Moscow traffic police and forced to advise his fellow citizens still pay bribes »»»
First, they stop your rod, and then take a bribe - just that Russia is engaged in traffic police, says Stack.
• Moscow traffic police inspector beat the offender (video) »»»
The driver drove around the city without a license, was on the head by a policeman.
• The internal organs are pressed auto-club for children because of a dispute over land between the club and the wife of a police chief. Arrested even Bubble "Tula" 60-ies »»»
In teenage club "Afterburner", located in the closed military town Shining Saratov region, one after the other law enforcement officers are checking.
• Latvia will pay 200 thousand dollars a journalist for listening to her telephone »»»
The amount of damage estimated journalist, focusing on the possible number of people who read in the media and the internet with printouts and records of her calls.