In Turkey, banned smoking hookahs

Turkish President Abdullah Gul signed a law banning smoking in bars and restaurants, reports Reuters citing the statement of the presidential office. Two weeks earlier, the bill was supported by the Turkish Parliament.

The new law providing for a ban on smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs, will enter into force after 18 months. In accordance with it will ban smoking in public places: cafes, restaurants, stadiums, transport, including taxis.

In addition to this will be banned advertising of tobacco products, display them in films, serials and music videos. Violators of the law will face a fine of up to 4,3 thousand dollars, in particular, for a cigarette butt thrown on the street will have to lay out a minimum of $ 18

The law has made it necessary to postpone until 18 February 2008. decision on the sale of Turkish tobacco company Tekel Cigarette, occupying 40% of the national market of tobacco products. Potential buyers including British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco took additional time to assess the impact of the adoption of this law.

Even 10 years ago, the Turkish authorities tried to introduce legislation to ban smoking in public places, but were forced to back down because of strong dissatisfaction.

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