In the State Duma introduced a bill that allows to tighten penalties on already entered into force on sentences

Law was prepared in accordance with the decision of the Constitutional Court. Sentence may be reviewed if the investigation were made grave violations, or if the newly discovered circumstances indicating that the accused has committed a serious crime.

It is worth noting that international law prohibits review sentences in criminal cases in the direction of worsening the position of the convict.

20 January 2008 | bill, court, crime, decision, duma, law, punishment, sentence, violation

For non-payment of loan will be put in prison
3 years for reprinting cartoons

• Half of bribes in Russia finished with suspended sentences. Real life only receive 16% of corrupt officials »»»
Half convicted of bribery receive suspended sentences. This is evidenced
• Ministry of Justice has drafted a bill that sets minimum rates pledge to freedom for the killers. Over 200 thousand rubles and more defendants may be released, the final amount - at the discretion of the court »»»
Moreover, judges can take not only money, but even the securities or gold and diamonds.
• Dismissed the mayor of Astrakhan received 10 years for bribery »»»
Kirov District Court sentenced the Astrakhan the dismissed mayor Mikhail Stolyarov, accused of taking bribes, to 10 years in a penal colony and a fine of 500 million rubles.
• The court overturned the life sentences gang members "maritime guerrillas" »»»
Russia's Supreme Court overturned the life sentences gang members "maritime
• For economic crimes in the jail will not be put »»»
The Duma passed a law decriminalizing tax offenses, consisting of amendments to the Criminal (CC), the Criminal Procedure (CCP), the Tax Code and the Law “On militia”.