3 years for reprinting cartoons

On Friday, January 18, the Minsk city court convicted a former managing editor of the newspaper Zgoda Alexander Zdzvizhkou. He was found guilty of inciting racial, national or religious hatred, committed by an official using his official powers, and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment in the colony.

The reason for such a sentence served as a fact of reprinting the Danish newspaper Jullands-Posten cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

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In the State Duma introduced a bill that allows to tighten penalties on already entered into force on sentences
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• In Minsk, a journalist on trial for publishing cartoons of Prophet Muhammad »»»
In Belarus began the trial of former deputy editor of the newspaper Zgoda Alexander Zdzvizhkou.
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Central District Court of Chita found former chief editor of
• À Minsk, un journaliste en justice pour avoir publié des caricatures du prophète Muhammad »»»
Au Bélarus a commencé le procès de l’ancien rédacteur en chef adjoint du journal Alexander Zgoda Zdzvizhkou.
• In Khabarovsk, the U.S. military was sentenced to nine years in prison »»»
Industrial regions of Khabarovsk court sentenced Christopher Lee Garner, communications specialist for the 18 th Army Corps, the United States.
• In Krasnodar, consider the case computer specialist who was accused of inciting religious hatred through the Internet »»»
Prosecutors Prikubansky Krasnodar district court referred to the criminal case against 31-year-old local man accused of Art.