Australian condemned criminals on the internet

In the near future, some cases in the courts of Australia will be heard on the internet. A judge will receive speech prosecutors and lawyers by e-mail. It is reported portal Yahoo News.

Attorney General of the largest Australian state of New South Wales John Hattsistergos said that the courts throughout the state introduced a system of trial online JusticeLink. In order to participate in the process, prosecutors and defenders will need to register in the system to print their arguments to the judge and send them by e-mail. The judge will issue its verdicts in real time.

“While the time-honored traditions of our judicial system will remain intact, with the introduction of JusticeLink we rationalize the process and thus saving millions of dollars that now the cost of many hours of meetings in the courtroom” - podchekrnul Hattsistergos.

3 February 2008 | attorney, australia, court, internet, judge, mail, offender, speech, time

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