Ministry of Regional Development Russia outlawed on “dacha amnesty” individual residential houses, which are home to more than one family

Officials from the Federal Registration Service has recently received a letter signed by the Deputy Minister of Regional Development (Ministry of Regional Development of Russia) SI Kruglik, calling into question the very idea of “dacha amnesty”.

The essence of the letter is as follows - this senior official, who is also head of the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing and Communal Services, questioned the applicability of the Law on “dacha amnesty” (it was a little later), other legislative acts to the individual homes, the number of stories in which than three (including basement) or in cases where the homes inhabited by more than one family.

Ministry of Regional Development Russia came to the conclusion that the objects of capital construction, intended to stay more than one family can not be assigned to individual housing construction object and such objects can not be applied laws and other normative legal acts regulating the design, construction, commissioning operation, the state accounting and registration of property rights of an individual housing construction

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5 February 2008 | deputy, development, family, law, letter, minister, official, russia, service

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