Roman Abramovich has agreed to plead with Berezovsky in London

The governor of Chukotka and owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, agreed to review in the High Court of Justice lawsuit against him by businessman Boris Berezovsky. This is stated in a letter to lawyers Abramovich, has been received by the British newspaper The Evening Standard.

Berezovsky claims that his former business partner, using his connections in the Kremlin, forced him to commit the transaction, which earned him billions in losses. Previously, the businessman said that it was about his shares in the companies ORT, Sibneft and Russian Aluminum. The amount of the claim amounts to five billion pounds.

Lawyers for Mr Abramovich motivates its consent to the suit in a British court that although the case falls under the jurisdiction of Russia, but the arrival of the plaintiff to the territory of Russia is impossible, since Berezovsky is wanted. In addition, in the case of embezzlement of Aeroflot businessman was sentenced in absentia to six months in prison and in the case of his arrival in Russia he would risk arrest.

Prosecutor General of Russia has repeatedly demanded that the British government’s extradition of Berezovsky, who is granted political asylum in Britain, but each time received a refusal.

Berezovsky, in October 2007 stated that he personally handed Abramovich summons. However, surrounded by the governor of Chukotka, denied this information, noting that a specified day Abramovich was absent in London, and, consequently, Berezovsky could not meet him and pass the agenda.

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