Bloggers will attract a poem?

In Russia brewing Learn new Bucha The relationship between bloggers and power structures. LJ-nick Igor Karaulov (karaulov), as he wrote in his own magazine, February 6, got a call from the Department of Borba organized crime and called for a “testimony regarding the placement of extremist poems on the Internet.”

6 February 2008 | accommodation, blogger, crime, dacha, internet, livejournal, orientation, relationship, structure

Roman Abramovich has agreed to plead with Berezovsky in London
Eduard Limonov and Radio Liberty Luzhkov paid 1 million rubles on the Moscow City Court decision

• The court rejected the prosecutor's office in the banning of the book "Bhagavad-gita As It Is" »»»
Leninsky District Court on Wednesday refused to Tomsk, the local
• Act "sovereign Internet" will not be able to kill domains RU and SU »»»
- The idea of “sovereign Internet in Russia is impossible.
• Putin signed a law on criminal responsibility for extremism using the Internet »»»
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law introducing criminal liability for calls to extremist activity using the Internet, the official internet-portal of legal information.
• Federal Registration Service: technology secret destruction of civil society »»»
Hundreds of members of the International Youth Human Rights Movement suddenly learned that their oganizatsiya was closed Fed Nizhny Novgorod as early as June.
• In the Duma suggested to treat leniently blogger Terent'ev »»»
Chairman of the Duma Committee on Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov encouraged to bring Syktyvkar blogger Savva Terentyev is accused of inciting hatred of the police officers through the comments to Learn.