Lukashenko banned the Constitutional Court to criticize the Belarusian laws

Constitutional Court (CC) Belarus should not be taken to criticize the country’s laws. With this statement, as broadcasts, made on Tuesday the president of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko, introducing the new chairman of the COP Peter Miklashevich and new Prosecutor General of Belarus Grigory Vasilevich.

“The essence of control over the constitutionality of the adopted country regulations should not be reduced to just criticism,” - said Lukashenko, adding that CU “must see future development of national legislation not only in terms of books and foreign experience, but because of the Belarusian realities.

The President also said that soon the country will be strengthened by constitutional scrutiny, as well as control over the activities of prosecutors and prosecutors. Therefore Lukashenko demanded to take decisive measures “to curb bureaucratic arbitrariness, lawlessness, negligent attitude to citizens.”

“It is alarming that in the past few years has decreased the effectiveness of Public Prosecutions, to ensure the timely and complete elimination of violations of law, restoration of violated rights of citizens and organizations,” - said Lukashenko.

He demanded that the new Attorney General “immediately rectify the situation.”

18 February 2008 | alexander lukashenko, attorney, belarus, cop, country, court, law, president

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