The site Prosecutor General’s Office page appears to complaints of corruption

The site Prosecutor General’s Office page appears, where citizens can complain about corruption. Said that today the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, speaking at an enlarged meeting of the board of the Prosecutor General on the results of work in 2007.

Thus, to complain about corruption among officials will be directly in the Prosecutor General’s Office over the Internet. As assured Yuri Chaika, take advantage of this innovation will be able to any citizen of Russia.

18 February 2008 | attorney, citizen, complaint, corruption, home, pgo, russia, website, yuri chaika

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Copyright in the era of the 4th part of the Civil Code

• Who is responsible for Kozlov? Murder at a discount. »»»
Where we live? .. Journalistic investigation into the murder the deputy head of the Central Bank Kozlov reveals the obvious facts to omit the official result: went through the clock, missing flash drive, Diamond takes the trail, the murder under the control of … Those are people behind bars?
• In St. Petersburg disclosed Tambov gang raiders »»»
General’s Office slapped Russia in St. Petersburg the activities of a large group involved in the capture raider ventures.
• In Russia, opened the first case of falsification of the results a single state examinations »»»
All-Russia experiment on the introduction of the unified state examination (USE), which is presented to the authorities, including as a powerful tool in the fight against corruption in the secondary and tertiary education, gave the first serious sboy.
• Prosecutor General's Office believes that measures to combat corruption in the organs of state power are ineffective »»»
“It seems that the phenomenon of corruption in general is not in such subjects as Adygea, Ingushetia, Kalmykia,” - noted the deputy prosecutor general of Russia Ivan Sydoruk.
• Creates Olympic prosecutors to ensure state security and public safety during preparation and holding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi »»»
This group was established by order of the Prosecutor General of Russia on 1 August 2007.