The Australian took the car on the 3000-mile test drive

Three decades of Australian took the car Honda Accord, valued at $ 37,000 for a test drive. On it he managed to drive 3200km from Melbourne’a to Adelaide and Alice Springs before police arrested him. Offender did not get into any accident, he was detained at the gas station. Previous test-drive record was 500km and was established in 2006. Australian will stand trial for unlawful use of a vehicle and unlawful possession of property. Canberra (

5 March 2008 | australian, car, cost, police, test drive

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The property of the former mayor of Nikolaev arrest

• Head ATC was fined 50 thousand, »»»
In April this year on the road near the village Korotchayevo policeman at the request of his friend stopped the car driven by a resident of the village, and unreasonably withdrew his certificate of registration of the vehicle, power of attorney for the right to control and driver’s license.
• Urals people sentenced for bribing traffic police officer »»»
In the Sverdlovsk region sentenced the man who tried to bribe traffic police officer.
• Convicted traffic cop-avenger »»»
In Russia condemned traffic cop who … pierced the vehicle’s wheels.
• Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev forbade his subordinates to violate the rules of the road »»»
Approved by the instruction, which prohibits the escort vehicle to go to the oncoming lane, pass a red light or exceed speed.
• Interior Ministry introduces a new method of examination on the right. The exam will be automated, allowing iskyuchit corruption »»»
Ministry of Internal Affairs as part of measures aimed at improving the legislation in the field of road safety.