The luxurious gift to the British robbers: if rob stoned, under the weather, or if you simply enjoy watching DOOMer, you’re not sent to prison!

The British judges decided to keep robbers at large, if they are alcoholics, drug addicts, or even gambling. Thus, authorities hope to relieve the overcrowded prisons.

In Britain a new law under which substantially mitigated punishment for thieves and robbers, outlaws of despair. Under the latter circumstance means drug or alcohol addiction, and if the offender suffers from gambling.

The law will save the offender from prison, even if the victim is known to be vulnerable people - such as old age.

11 March 2008 | judge, law, offender, power, present, prison, robber

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• The chief psychiatrist of the Russian Federation against the criminalization of drug use »»»
The chief psychiatrist MHSD Eugene Brune against criminalization of drug use, he has high hopes for the prevention of drug addiction.
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Coming soon to the Parliament of Uruguay will do a draft law allowing the government to sell marijuana to citizens of the country.
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In the State Duma Committee on Health were transferred to amend the law “On Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances made of Astrakhan Oblast Duma.
• Dmitry Medvedev promised to close the loopholes in the laws on gambling »»»
Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev instructs another to review Russia’s legislation to close any “loopholes” illegal gambling.
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Udebnye authorities Surrey on Thursday rejected a claim the local fire department.