A resident of Kaliningrad sue 40 thousand rubles per hit barrier

The incident occurred in November 2006. The woman walked past the building of public security police (SSP), Department of Internal Affairs of the Kaliningrad region. The sidewalk was covered with snow and a woman, making sure that no cars, was walking on the road, which led to the building just MOB. DPS traffic police officer guarding the building, pressing without looking at the console, dropped on her head gate access gates. As a result, the woman received numerous injuries (including concussion), long time I was treated in hospital and at home.

24 March 2008 | atc, building, female, incident, police, region, resident, ruble, safety

The State Duma has rejected a federal law “On protection of animals from cruel treatment”
The Smashing Pumpkins have sued Virgin label, because the advertisement, Pepsi

• Two lzhegaishnika detained in Novokuznetsk, in an attempt to regulate the movement »»»
In Novokuznetsk detained two men who dressed in the form of traffic police officers and attempted to regulate vehicular traffic.
• Nurgaliyev announced the results of the month of fighting corruption: "more than 4 thousand policemen held for the month to account »»»
"Instituted criminal proceedings against the deputy police chief for the Stavropol Territory.
• Interior Ministry's promise through the courts to punish those who accuse the police of violating the laws »»»
In the Interior Ministry’s complete the audit in connection with the statements of several human rights organizations and the public about alleged massive violations of law by members of the Moscow police, said Chief Public Relations Department Ministry of Interior of Russia major general of militia Valery Gribakin.
• Traffic police officer received 3 years probation for a bribe of 20 000 rubles »»»
Head of department to monitor the content and the development of the territorial department of road traffic inspectorate UGIBDD police department of Nizhny Novgorod Region police Major Sergei Dogadov sentenced to three years imprisonment suspended for accepting a bribe of $ 20 thousand rubles.
• Urals people sentenced for bribing traffic police officer »»»
In the Sverdlovsk region sentenced the man who tried to bribe traffic police officer.