In Brazil, mayors of 16 cities were arrested and one federal judge

According to police, those arrested were implicated in the organization of a criminal scheme, which resulted in the stolen $ 100 million in public deneg.Vsego arrested more than 50 people, seized two private aircraft, and one car.
In the house of one of the mayors confiscated 600 thousand dollars nalichnymi.Nalichnyh were so many that I had to borrow at the bank machine for converting the money.

Investigation of this case lasted about eight months

10 April 2008 | car, city, judge, man, mayor, organization, plane, police, scheme

In St. Petersburg will be fined for operating an alarm
Duma adopted in the 2nd reading of bill on licensing of replication of the PC programs

• Austria is ready to initiate criminal cases against the leaders of the Administration of President of Russia »»»
The Austrian police is ready to initiate a criminal case, which will appear on the key figures of the Kremlin Administration - Igor Sechin (pictured), Yuriy Kovalchuk, Viktor Ivanov.
• Lawsuit in court for mortgage bank »»»
Today is the first time seized the borrower to the bank about the illegality of additional fees for mortgage lending.
• President Ishgushetii Yevkurov: "People who are more than 100 million budget was kidnapped, shot in the Soviet era, and the judge released them, punishing a fine of 50-300 thousand rubles - this is tragic and dangerous." »»»
- A separate paragraph and not the latest in your internal politics marked by the struggle against corruption.
• Magadan Deputy caught on trading places in the Federation Council. Behind the chair Senator parliamentarian asked $ 1.5 million »»»
Criminal case brought against a deputy of the Magadan Regional Duma George Shamiryana.
• For 6 months in Russia for bribery were criminally prosecuted in 1113 officers of the Interior, 378 soldiers, 232 health workers and 177 - Education »»»
September 7 Investigation Committee of the Prosecutor's Office of Russia (UPC), celebrates two years since inception.