In St. Petersburg will be fined for operating an alarm

In St. Petersburg will soon be enacted a law allowing authorities to penalize car owners who have worked at night signaling. Under the proposals people’s representatives, for the alarm to be triggered without reason, the vehicle owner will be fined a substantial amount of money - from 500 to 2000 rubles!

Now the law has already passed its second reading.

10 April 2008 | amount, car, cause, law, means, offer, owner, petersburg, power

In the case of corruption in the Federal Drug Control Service arrested accountant CHOP
In Brazil, mayors of 16 cities were arrested and one federal judge

• President Ishgushetii Yevkurov: "People who are more than 100 million budget was kidnapped, shot in the Soviet era, and the judge released them, punishing a fine of 50-300 thousand rubles - this is tragic and dangerous." »»»
- A separate paragraph and not the latest in your internal politics marked by the struggle against corruption.
• For non-payment of loan will be put in prison »»»
In the State Duma as early as next week, you may receive a bill that toughens penalties for serious people who evaded the payment of consumer loans taken from banks.
• State Duma officials to toughen the punishment for "forgery" and "negligence" »»»
State Duma deputies intend to significantly increase the punishment to officials for “forgery” and “negligence”.
• The deputy UFSKN in Novgorod was fined 220 thousand rubles for fraud »»»
Board on Criminal Cases of Novgorod oblsuda on Thursday dismissed the appeals in the case of deputy oblupravleniya FDCS Yuri Nikolayev.
• Alimony restrict travel to Russia »»»
Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) of St. Petersburg plans to introduce restrictions on travel to Russia for debtors, told reporters the chief bailiff of the city Vladimir Goltsmer.