Duma adopted in the 2nd reading of bill on licensing of replication of the PC programs

Osduma adopted on second reading a bill on compulsory licensing of replication software. According to the developers of new rules, they will help protect the program from the fakes.

For producers of programs would be mandatory licenses for their manufacture. On entering the sale of copies will need to specify the name and license number will need to keep records of all produce. For businesses that violate the licensing requirements and conditions will apply strict measures, including license suspension and revocation, said in a commentary to the law.

Such measures are already in force in respect of audiovisual products. Since their introduction of information about its producer has become more accessible and more transparent and more efficient fight against piracy.

11 April 2008 | bill, developer, duma, forgery, licensing, norm, program, reading, view

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• Manufacturers of programs will be buying a license for reproduction of their products »»»
Government has approved and submitted to the Duma a bill which will oblige producers of programs to obtain licenses for the printing of their products.
• U.S. Court of Appeals recognized the compulsory adherence to free software licenses »»»
U.S. Court of Appeals, according to ZDNet, this week made an important decision in favor of software developers with open source, recognizing compliance with compulsory licenses for free software.
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The head of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, Alexander Konovalov, at a meeting of his ministry’s staff promised that from July next year, all judgments will be published on the Internet.
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In addition to the tougher rules of registration of Internet shops, according to the adopted yesterday in 1 reading the new draft law on consumer protection at the sites of internet shops in Belarus in respect of each product should be placed information about its producer, the main consumer properties, the guarantee period, price, terms delivery.
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Taiwan court sentenced to several years in prison on a group of pirates, who, according to Microsoft, were responsible for producing 90 percent of pirated copies of software corporations, reports Ars Technica.