Members of a proposal to ban cars from the evacuation of houses

In consideration of the State Duma introduced a bill on amending article 12 of the Administrative Code (Administrative Code), providing for a ban on the evacuation of automobiles from the place of parking or stopping. According to Interfax, the authors of this document are members of the LDPR faction Alexander Kurdyumov and Yuri NAEC.

13 April 2008 | amendment, ban, bill, code, duma, mp, offense, place, stop

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• In the State Duma introduced a bill restricting the right to protest »»»
In the State Duma introduced a bill that limits the possibility of holding meetings.
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State Duma will consider at a meeting on Wednesday in the first reading a bill on tougher restrictions on alcohol and tobacco advertising on public transport.
• Bill to limit demonstrations withdrawn from the Duma »»»
January 22 authors caused heated debate the bill limiting rallies withdrew the document from the Duma, RIA Novosti reported.
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Home security services of Russia is preparing to introduce a bill to the Duma, which will be held the line between deliberate espionage and divulging state secrets without signs of espionage.
• Porn in the press have given respite. »»»
State Duma deputies postponed the amendments to the Administrative Code and the Law on Mass Media Amendments to the Law on Media and the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO) issued to the discussion of the State Duma of Russia last week, an MP from the faction “United Russia” by Robert Schlegel, will be considered only in April this year.