The Lincoln Lawyer

 , a novel by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly's Books

Echo Park (Coming Out Sept/Oct 2006), A Harry Bosch Novel
Bosch reopens the hunt for a psychotic killer who stalked the streets of L.A. years before.

Crime Beat: A Decade Of Covering Cops And Killers (2006)
A non-fiction collection of crime stories from Michael's days as a journalist.

The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)
A tale about a cynical defense attorney whose one remaining spark of integrity may cost him his life.

The Closers (2005), A Harry Bosch Novel
Harry Bosch is back with a badge. Teaming with former partner Kizmin Rider, Harry is assigned to the Open-Unsolved team.

The Narrows (2004), A Harry Bosch Novel
Private investigator Harry Bosch confronts a villain who's long been in hiding-a fiend known as the Poet.

Lost Light (2003), A Harry Bosch Novel
Harry Bosch rediscovers a startling unsolved murder among his old case files. He cannot rest until he finds the killer.

Chasing The Dime (2002)
Would you risk your life for a woman you've never met? A thriller about a simple wrong number that opens a line into terror.

City Of Bones (2002), A Harry Bosch Novel
When the bones of a 12-year-old boy are found Harry is drawn into a case that brings up dark memories.

A Darkness More Than Night, (2001), A Harry Bosch Novel
Both Terry McCaleb and Harry Bosch are featured in a story that is a murder mystery, a legal thriller, and a psychological drama.

Void Moon (2000)
Cassie Black is an ex-con who needs to make one more score in order to fulfill the dream that sustained her in prison.

Angels Flight (1999), A Harry Bosch Novel
A lawyer is found murdered on the eve of a landmark trial at the foot of Angels Flight in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Blood Work (1998)
Terry McCaleb, one of the most effective serial-killer investigators in the history of the FBI, hunts down his heart donor's killer.

Trunk Music (1997), A Harry Bosch Novel
The murder of a Hollywood producer has all the signs of a Mafia hit but something doesn't add up to Harry Bosch.

The Poet (1996)
A cunning, poet-quoting serial killer of unprecedented savagery executes one homicide cop after another.

The Last Coyote (1995), A Harry Bosch Novel
After being put on involuntary stress leave for attacking his boss, LAPD detective Harry Bosch tackles his mother's murder case.

The Concrete Blonde (1994), A Harry Bosch Novel
Four years ago, Harry Bosch shot the notorious serial killer "The Dollmaker." Now Harry is accused of killing the wrong man.

The Black Ice (1993), A Harry Bosch Novel
Harry Bosch investigates the drug-trafficking underworlds of inner city Los Angeles and the wastelands of Mexico.

The Black Echo (1992), A Harry Bosch Novel
LAPD Detective Harry Bosch must walk the line between criminals and crooked cops following the death of an old war buddy.

Books With Michael As The Guest Editor

Murder In Vegas (USA, 2005)
Michael Connelly was guest editor of this short story collection. Contains an introduction by Michael.

The Best American Mystery Stories (USA, 2003)
Michael Connelly was guest editor of this annual short story collection. Contains an introduction by Michael.

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